Make dental floss a habit!

Did you know that our teeth have five surfaces, and only three of them are properly cleaned by a toothbrush? In other words, if you only rely on your toothbrush to clean your teeth, they will not be completely clean. When we clean our teeth, we are removing bacteria and food particles. Bacteria in our mouth grow on the dental surfaces, and may cause cavities, bad breath and even gum disease. The area just under where two of our teeth meet, is one of the most frequent areas for cavities. The toothbrush does not reach this area properly.

In order to remove plaque from the surfaces between your teeth, you need products designed to fit into these narrow spaces. Dental floss is an effective way to clean between your teeth, and it is recommended to floss at least once a day to keep your teeth healthy. In fact, flossing is one of the most important weapons against plaque and bacteria, which may cause bad breath and even result in a cavity.

Make dental floss a habit!

Even though most people know that flossing is important, only a minor part of us floss regularly. For various reasons, flossing is often considered as difficult to remember and follow through. For instance, many people struggle with the technique, and others consider lack of time as main reason for not flossing.

Making flossing part of your everyday dental care routine is key for keeping your teeth healthy for life. When it first becomes a habit, you will be surprised to find that it feels just as natural as brushing your teeth!


5 tips for good flossing routines:

  1. Keep the dental floss visible, in a place where you can’t avoid seeing it. It will serve as a constant reminder and help you remember to floss.
  2. Repetition creates habits. Promise yourself to floss every morning and night for a week. Before you know it, flossing will feel like a natural part of your daily routine.
  3. Floss before brushing. Fluoride toothpaste works best on clean surfaces, which is why you should brush your teeth after using dental floss.
  4. Don’t forget the “neck” of the tooth where the tooth meets the gums.
  5. Make the routine less boring by multitasking! For instance, you can watch TV or listen to radio while flossing, which will also motivate you to floss more thoroughly.