Green Clean wins test for sustainable toothbrushes

Green Clean toothbrush has been named the test winner with top marks ahead of a number of other sustainable toothbrushes. The test, performed by the danish newspaper 'Politiken', emphasizes in particular that Jordan Green Clean toothbrush has a better grip and brush head compared to the others in the test.

Green Clean

At Jordan, we are proud to have developed our greenest toothbrush ever. It has been important for us to be able to offer a toothbrush that has both good functionality while being sustainable. That is why we appreciate the fact that Politiken emphasizes precisely these points, as the reason why Jordan Green Clean wins their large test of sustainable toothbrushes.

Test winner

The handle is made of 100% recycled plastic, 100% bio-based brushes and the packaging consists of 100% recycled cardboard. All of which makes Jordan’s sustainable toothbrush stand out from the test’s other five toothbrushes, all made with a bamboo handle.

However, the test panel looks very positive that Jordan’s toothbrush consists of plastic rather than bamboo – both in a hygiene and sustainability perspective. That’s why Jordan Green Clean ends up getting top marks as the only toothbrush in the test.

“Although the test winner is made of plastic, you can easily buy it with a good, green conscience. According to Professor Henrik Wenzel from the University of Southern Denmark, who has researched the product life cycle and sustainability for more than 30 years”

Read the full test of sustainable toothbrushes from the issue on 30 November. 2019