Is it really important for smaller children to start flossing, if they are going to lose their milk teeth anyway? This is a common question among parents. The simple anser is YES!

Dentists recommend that kids start flossing as soon as the teeth start touching each other. Usually it happens at the age of 5-6 years. It is important to start good and healthy dental habits early in life, which in many cases will lead to healthy habits for a lifetime.

Cavities often begin between the milk teeth, and can spread quickly throughout the mouth. Brushing alone simply can’t get to all the plaque that builds up between teeth.


1. Help and teach them how to floss and why they should do it
2. Let your kids choose their own flosser with their favourite color
3. Give them a little reward once a week
4. Use a softer floss that is gentle to childrens’ gums
5. Floss together with your children

Use a soft floss that is gentle to the gums


Jordan Kids Flosser is especially designed for kids, and is recommended from they get their first molars at 5-6 years of age. The flosser has a Y-shaped floss head, small handle and mild, fruity and natural flavours.

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