Toothpaste for adults

Good dental hygiene is important to maintain healthy teeth, and a good toothpaste will protect them. Jordan toothpastes are made with advanced formula to ensure you get the best treatment for your teeth. Our toothpastes contain active ingredients that will help with different challenges we have with our teeth. Remember that we are all different and we all have a unique set of teeth.

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SensiWhite™ is a series of gentle whitening toothpastes from Jordan. SensiWhite™ is available in two variants, Enamel Protection and Sensitivity Protection variants. Enamel Protection removes discoloration and repairs initial enamel damage, while Sensitivity Protection removes discoloration and provides long-lasting protection against tooth sensitivity – when used twice daily. Both variants are Nordic Ecolabelled.

Jordan SensiWhite

Green Clean

Sustainability has been our first priority when creating our new Green Clean toothpaste, but of course without compromising on effect. We have carefully chosen natural ingredients that are readily biodegradable in nature and the toothpaste contains ingredients from 98% natural origin. The toothpaste is 100% vegan and certified by the Vegan Society. The tube contains up to 50% recycled plastic, originating from food containers, such as milk, water and juice bottles, that consumers have handed in for recycling.

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This toothpaste range is tailor-made with a unique combination of ingredients that provide clean teeth and fresh breath. This technology is called Stay Fresh™ and is a combination of fluoride + xylitol, which provides extra protection against plaque and makes the teeth stronger, while zinc + mint ensures fresh breath. You can easily recognize the new Stay Fresh series by its duo-colour toothpaste.