Step 3-5 years kids toothbrush

Kids Toothbrushes

  • Soft bristles
  • Age 3-5

Jordan Step 2 kids toothbrush is tailor-made to brush children’s smaller milk teeth. Designed with soft bristles, a small but wide head and a dual handle for both parents and kids, makes brushing easier. The blue bristles on the toothbrush are there to help you put the right amount of toothpaste on each time.

Choose from 4 different character designs and colours.

You can also find this kid’s toothbrush with its own timer. The sand timer is easy to use, adheres to the bathroom mirror or tile and the toothbrush also fits into it – which keeps the toothbrush hygienic between brushing sessions.

You can also find this toothbrush with its own specially designed cap – a hygienic option for travel or overnight stays.

Recycling information:

Plastic recycling



Recycle packaging as plastic. Recycle packaging as cardboard.

Toothpaste indicator
Exciting designs
Dual grip
Ergonomic handle

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