Introducing recycled plastic in our best-selling products

Starting in 2020, we are adding recycled plastic into several of our best-selling product lines, such as Ultimate You and Expert White toothbrushes, 3-in-1 flossers and Easy Clean refill heads. We have worked hard to find the correct suppliers and the best production methods to ensure that there is no difference in our products - making it easy for you to make a more sustainable choice without having to compromise on quality. We also believe transparancy is really important and therefore you can see exactly how much recycled plastic has been used to create the oral care product you are looking at in store.

Our products range from having between 50% to 100% virgin plastic replaced with recycled plastic, and we are always striving to increase these numbers. The recycled plastic that we use is FDA-approved, meaning that it is foodsafe and completely free from chemicals that can be harmful to put in your mouth. The source is yogurt containers, margarine tubs and other food containers from the refrigerated section of food markets. As such, the recycled plastic in our products is completely safe, conforming to strict regulations.