Ultralite Sensitive

Adult Toothbrushes

  • Soft, Ultrasoft
  • Lightweight - only 8,7 grams
  • Proven gentle
  • Up to 50% less plastic

Jordan Ultralite is the first toothbrush of its kind. Drawing inspiration from the active Scandinavian lifestyle, we have designed an advanced and lightweight toothbrush, bringing together the best of Scandinavian design thinking.

With its weight of only 8,7 grams and intricate hexagon pattern, we were able to use up to 50% less plastic* while still maintaining a high-quality, mono-material handle.

To ensure that you have a gentle brush with ultimate reach, our sensitive bristle tips provide you with effective plague removal, whilst still being gentle on your teeth and gums..

*Up to 50% less plastic compared to a standard toothbrush.

Recycling information:

Plastic recycling



Recycle packaging as plastic. Recycle packaging as cardboard.

Proven gentle
Small head size
Lightweight design
Inspired by Scandinavian colors

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