Step 6-9 years

Kids Toothbrushes

  • Soft bristles
  • Age 6-9

Jordan Step 3 toothbrush is tailor-made to brush the mix of milk and permanent teeth that children between the ages of 6 and 9 have. Designed with soft bristles and a special tip, with pyramid-shaped bristles, that’s perfect to clean all the different shapes and sizes of this age’s teeth. The handle is comfortable for kids and also for parents.

Choose from 4 different designs and colors.

You can also find this toothbrush with its own “stand”, making it easy to “snap” the toothbrush in or out when using or storing. Great way to keep the bristles hygienic as they air dry best when the toothbrush is standing upright and not touching other toothbrushes.

You can also find this toothbrush with a matching cap – a hygienic option for travel or overnight stays.

Toothpaste indicator
Exciting designs
Dual grip
Ergonomic handle

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