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Rotfylling – hva er det?

Root canal filling - what is it really?

A root canal filling is when the whole root of the tooth is replaced and sealed. Whereas a regular filling might only be on one or more surfaces of the tooth, a root canal filling is when the tooth's nerve (pulpa) is damaged or has inflammation, and the procedure goes…

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unngå syreskader på tennene

6 tips to avoid acid damage on teeth

According to the Norwegian Dental Association, around 40% of 18 years olds have acid damage on their teeth. People often associate sugary beverages with tooth decay, but did you know sugar-free drinks also can be quite acidic? The lower the pH value, the more damaging it is for your teeth.…

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Pain in wisdom tooth - what to do

Sturdy wisdom teeth were important millions of years ago, as the other teeth were worn down more than now. Luckily we have a diet that doesn't wear as much on our teeth today, but that might also cause pain and problems with the wisdom teeth. A wisdom tooth can in…

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Sustainability in Jordan

At Jordan we believe that we all have a common responsibility of taking care of both people and planet. Jordan has helped people with tailored quality products and encouragement to take care of their teeth for decades and we are now challenging ourselves to focus on careful use of resources, without compromising on the quality of your oral care.

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New sustainable Jordan launches

Circular Economy: What it is and why it matters

At Jordan we aim to challenge ourselves to implement sustainable solutions into all aspects of our business. As such, circular economy is a term we have discussed. You may have heard the phrase before, or you may be wondering what exactly circular economy is. Circular economy is about creating a…

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Sustainable brush heads for electric toothbrushes

sustainable brush heads The new Jordan Green Clean brush heads are sustainable brush heads made with 50% recycled plastic. The packaging is made of 100 % recycled paper fibers. Moreover, the bristles are made of 100 % bio-based nylon originating from castor oil, which is a renewable resource. By using…

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The benefits of ultrasoft bristles

Are you brushing too hard? Although brushing your teeth is one of the most important things for good oral hygiene, this maintenance routine can lead to damaging the teeth. Brushing your teeth too hard can damage both the gums and the tooth enamel. Plaque is soft - in fact so…

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Caring for people’s
teeth since 1927

Jordan is a Scandinavian brand that has been caring for people’s teeth since 1927. Our range of good quality products is designed to make people’s dental care routine as uncomplicated and encouraging as possible – combining superior functionality with stylish designs.

Our mission is to enable people to keep their teeth healthy for life. From the first tooth, we have tailor-made products – designed for your individual needs, preferences, and dental habits. As such, you can always find a perfect match for you and your family. See our range of products here.

We set high standards to our craftsmanship – this lies in our Scandinavian nature and spirit. As such, we are continually awarded prizes for our great design.