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Toothpaste ingredients: What do they mean?

What does a typical toothpaste contain? The formula between kinds of toothpaste may vary depending on what area the toothpaste focuses on. Kids toothpaste has less fluoride and a milder cleaning agent, while some kinds of toothpaste may have ingredients to help with dry mouth, sensitivity or whitening ingredients. We…

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woman with white teeth flossing in mirror

Natural remedies for teeth whitening

Having naturally white teeth has a lot to do with stain prevention. People can have medical or genetic reasons for not having super white teeth. Chemicals are found everywhere and are not bad as default, but we have gathered some natural teeth whitening tips and remedies to get your pearly…

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mouthwash cup on bathroom counter with mouth wash bottle in the background

Should I use mouthwash?

Mouthwash can be a great supplement to your oral care routine. Different products can have different uses based on your needs. Some have extra fluoride for cavity protection, some for long-lasting fresh breath, or different ones for medical reasons like sore gums or dry mouth. When to use mouthwash? When…

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Sustainability in Jordan

At Jordan we believe that we all have a common responsibility of taking care of both people and planet. Jordan has helped people with tailored quality products and encouragement to take care of their teeth for decades and we are now challenging ourselves to focus on careful use of resources, without compromising on the quality of your oral care.

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New sustainable Jordan launches

Recycled plastic in dental products: Product developer interview

  Why do some of our products not have fully 100% recycled plastic in them? A part of our strategy to reach Jordan's sustainability goals is for all of our plastic to come from renewable or recycled sources by 2025. Furthermore, 100% of our packaging will also be recyclable. Recycling…

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The Nordic Swan Ecolabel: What is it and why does it matter?

You may have seen the small swan icon on some of your favourite products, but what does it mean? The Nordic Swan Ecolabel or "Svanemerket" is an unbiased product label that can help you with your purchase decisions. With this Scandinavian ecolabel present on a product, you can be sure…

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Recycled plastic products: How are they made?

Making products from recycled plastic can be a challenging ordeal, to ensure both the quality and pureness of the material. Did you know that mono-materials are much easier to recycle than poly-materials? And that good quality recycled plastic can be hard to get by in large enough amounts? Still, using…

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Caring for people’s
teeth since 1927

Jordan is a Scandinavian brand that has been caring for people’s teeth since 1927. Our range of good quality products is designed to make people’s dental care routine as uncomplicated and encouraging as possible – combining superior functionality with stylish designs.

Our mission is to enable people to keep their teeth healthy for life. From the first tooth, we have tailor-made products – designed for your individual needs, preferences, and dental habits. As such, you can always find a perfect match for you and your family. See our range of products here.

We set high standards to our craftsmanship – this lies in our Scandinavian nature and spirit. As such, we are continually awarded prizes for our great design.