Products for kids

It is important to start with good dental health at an early age. See our selection of oral care products for children.

How to choose the right toothbrush

With a large selection in the shops, it can be difficult to choose the right toothbrush to buy for the little ones. Let the toothbrush follow your childs age so that they always have a toothbrush adapted to their needs!

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Free activity booklet

Print our free activity booklet where your child can color their beloved animals, create their own toothbrush and toothpaste design and solve the "5 mistake" mystery!


When do babies teeth?

Let Mr Bee guide you through the baby's teething process, from the first tooth to all of the milk teeth have arrived. Teething can vary from child to child, but this animation can be a nifty guide to estimates of when the teeth arrive.

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Kids brushing song

Happy Teeth song and music video will make brushing teeth fun for your kids and easier for you (win win). Pio and his friends takes you into our magical Kids Universe with fun lyrics and cool dance moves. We guarantee an inspiring moment, motivated kids, and the brushing session will never have felt shorter.

Sing along with our brushing song

Oral Care Tips - Kids