toothpick craft on table

Here are some fun dental stick builds to inspire you for this fun back to school activity.

Have you joined our #JordanBackToSchool 2022 competition?

Build your own toothpick creation, and share it publicly on Instagram or TikTok with
the hashtag #JordanBackToSchool and the builder’s age(s) to join the competition.

Jordan will pick 4 winners across ages, and if the creation is a team build or solo build.
The winners will win toothbrushes and toothpaste for their whole class.
The competition ends on the 30th of September 2022.

1. Animals & nature toothpick creation

Make learning about an animal or natural phenomenon more interactive by building it. Look at this creative spider build; Can you spot what is missing from a “real” spider? Hint: Check the number of legs.

spider creation made from toothpicks and marshmallows

2. Architectural principles with toothpicks

Did you know that a triangle is considered one of the strongest shapes in architectural builds? Just have a look at bridges and cranes. With toothpicks or matchsticks, you can try out the principles in practice. Who can build the largest, or sturdiest creation?

3. Chemistry & science craft

Do you think this build looks like a horse? It’s actually a molecule! Make different combinations to learn about chemical structures.

4. Two-dimensional art

Toothpick art does not have to be three-dimensional! Use dental sticks at different angles to create the illusion of shadows and depth.

elephant made from toothpicks

5. Smaller versions of things

Making smaller versions of real things can be done just for fun, or as a part of math. Calculate the new dimensions by using scale.

guitar made from toothpicks

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