Girl brushing her teeth with Jordan Green Clean toothbrush.


With its modern design, ergonomic handle and quality bristles, Jordan Green Clean combines great functionality and sustainable materials. In the design process, nothing is left to chance, and all materials are carefully selected with the environment in mind. In fact, 90 % of the total product (including packaging) is made of recycled materials, minimizing resource use and giving materials a new life. For instance, the toothbrush handle is made of recycled plastic originating from food containers, and the packaging is made of recycled paper fibres from paper-based products. The remaining 10 % mainly consists of the bristles, which are 100 % bio-based, and the packaging label, which is made of FSC-certified paper from responsible managed forests. True to Scandinavian design principles, Jordan Green Clean has a modern and minimalistic appearance. We have only used the materials necessary to ensure a comfortable brushing experience.

Jordan Green Clean toothbrushes in multiple colours.


Designer Andreas Engesvik has been focusing on creating a design that is as beautiful as it is sustainable, and so creating a product that fits right into the heart of Scandinavian design. “I must admit that I am really proud of the end result”, Andreas says, continuing: “This toothbrush represents by far the best of both worlds: It’s highly aesthetic and functional, while being environmentally friendly at the same time.”

As such, you don’t have to compromise on neither sustainability, functionality nor aesthetics – Jordan Green Clean is made with both you and the environment in mind.

The toothbrush is available in soft and medium bristles, and in four different colours – making it a nice detail in your bathroom.

Jordan designer Andreas Engesvik.


What material is the handle made of? The handle is made of 100 % post-consumer recycled PP (polypropylene). The source is yoghurt containers, margarine tubs, food container lids, etc (items containing food and are generally found in the refrigerated section of food markets) that consumers have handed in for recycling. As such, we give the plastic a new life and follow the philosophy of circular economy!​

What material are the bristles made of? The nylon in the filaments are made from castor-oil and are 100% bio-based. The castor oil is extracted from the castor oil plant, which is a natural and renewable resource. It can grow well on marginal lands and under a wide range of hostile ecological conditions. Thus, it will not compete with the agricultural sector that produces food and fibres. The bristles does not contain colorants.

What material is the paper container made of? The paper container material is made from scrap papers from paper industries and unwanted commercial boxes collected by the waste handling industries. By using this paper scrap creatively, it is recycled into something protective and useful.

What material is the label made of? The label is made of FSC and PEFC certified paper. FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) and PEFC (Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification) are internationally third-party, non-governmental organizations that serve to promote and uphold best practices for sustainable forest management. These certifications ensure that the wood raw material used in products is legally sourced and originates from sustainably managed forests.

What type of glue has been used for the label? The adhesive is rubber-based and have been engineered and produced as environmentally friendly as possible, without compromising performance. The adhesive conforms to FDA regulations for indirect food contact, and is today used in many food-related packaging.

Why recycled material? By using recycled material, we maintain the value of materials for as long as possible, and is part of a circular economy. As such, we minimize waste and resource use, giving products and materials new lives.

Does the plastic contain any harmful chemicals? The recycled plastic we use in Green Clean is completely free from chemicals that can be harmful to put in your mouth. The source is yoghurt containers, margarine tubs and other food containers from the refrigerated section of food markets. As such, the recycled plastic in Green Clean is completely safe, conforming to strict regulations!

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