Ingredients that protect against cavities

When picking your toothpaste, it is important to consider the ingredients. With 98% natural ingredients Jordan Green Clean Adult Toothpaste and Jordan Green Clean Junior Toothpaste contribute to healthy teeth whilst reducing your environmental impact. The addition of fluoride and xylitol provides effective cavity protection and helps strengthen your teeth.

The toothpaste contains green tea extract for adults and chamomilla extract for kids (junior). Additionally, a mild foaming agent makes brushing your teeth an enjoyable experience. With this toothpaste you can therefore feel good about your daily brushing habits and passing them on to your kids.

Effective cavity protection

Choosing a toothpaste with effective cavity protection is one way to help prevent cavities in your teeth and keep them strong. Here are a few more:

• Brush your teeth twice a day
• Floss or use an interdental brush daily
• Use water as a substitute for juice and sugary drinks
• Visit your dentist regularly

Every little effort counts when building daily habits to keep cavities away and the same goes for helping the environment.

Sustainability without tradeoffs

Sustainability should come without tradeoffs. Therefore, when picking a toothpaste product packaging should be considered alongside environmentally friendly and effective ingredients. Did you know that toothpaste packaging is commonly made using virgin plastic? This is plastic that has never been processed or used before. Jordan wants to change this by using recycled plastic from food containers. The materials can then be given a new life.

Jordan Green Clean Toothpaste was created with the environment in mind. Therefore its packaging contains up to 50% recycled plastic. Above all, Jordan is here to help you make better choices for your teeth and keep them cavity free. Everyone deserves to get effective cavity protection without comprimise.

Jordan Green Clean Adult Toothpaste

Jordan Green Clean Junior Toothpaste

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