A lot of parents say that brush-time for kids can be a struggle, but it doesn’t have to be! Make toothbrushing fun, and have your kids look forward to brushing their teeth with these cute brushing tips:

1. Getting the child to open their mouth for brushing

Get the kid to roar like a bear or their favourite animal, showing off their sharp and cool teeth.

2. Take turns brushing

Take turns when brushing the child’s teeth. First the child, then you!

3. Measure out the toothpaste

Make it a game to match the blue toothpaste indicator on your brush, seen on all of our toothbrushes in the Step collection. Check out our guide on toothpaste amounts for kids if you don’t have a Jordan brush at home.

4. Get familiar with the toothbrush

Let the child play with and discover the toothbrush outside of brushing time. That way the brush is familiar when it’s time for brushing.

5. Create a character of the toothbrush

Personify the toothbrush with a little voice saying things like “knock-knock, may I come in and brush?” and “wow, what nice teeth, scrub-scrub”.

6. Brush teddy’s teeth

Bring the child’s most beloved stuffed animal or toy to brush time, and let them brush the toy while an adult brushes the child’s teeth.

7. Use two toothbrushes

Brush at the same time as the child with your own toothbrush, making brushing teeth a social event.

8. Play with vowels

Try saying “aah” in different ways to make it fun. How about “eeeeeeee”, “iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii”, “oooooooooooooo” and so forth.

9. The opposite game

How about a dash of reversed psychology: The toothbrush does not want to brush, and the child and adult have to convince the brush to cooperate.

10. Let a hand puppet do the brushing

Give the toothbrush to a hand puppet operated by the adult brushing the teeth, and let the puppet brush the teeth.

11. Watch 2-minute videos

Hard to get the child to brush for a whole of two minutes? Let them look at a 2-minute cartoon, brushing song or similar to let the time pass by as a breeze!

12. Brush with music!

Make brushing a dancing party with our 2-minute brushing song and music video HAPPY TEETH!


We hope our brushing tips will help, and get your kids to brush their teeth! 

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