Are you also struggling with actually using your interdental products? You know that you should do it, they stand in your bathroom cabinet waiting for you, but you only really use them a couple of days before going to the dentist? We know the struggle! Therefore, we would like to help you by inviting you to the Jordan 21 day challenge!

So why 21 days? Because research shows that it takes 21 days for you to create a new and healthy habit! Your time to start flossing begins now!

Join us online at #Jordan21Challenge and let us help motivate you to create a healthy habit worth smiling over! Your teeth and gums (and dentist!) will thank you!

So where do you start? Does the dental floss shelf feel like a djungle? We are here to help! Our interdental products come in many different forms to suit your individual needs. Choose the one that fits you!

Flosser Tools

One of our flosser tools is your best friend if you’re looking for the easiest way to floss! One excuse less to skip it!


Do you think that flossing hurts? Our dental sticks have the softest bristles for a gentle and convienient way to remove food and plaque.

Dental Floss

Are you more of a traditional flosser? The classic dental floss with a cord on a roll is for you! Jordan offers different types depending on your teeth.


See you at #Jordan21Challenge online!


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