What does a typical toothpaste contain?

The formula between kinds of toothpaste may vary depending on what area the toothpaste focuses on. Kids toothpaste has less fluoride and a milder cleaning agent, while some kinds of toothpaste may have ingredients to help with dry mouth, sensitivity or whitening ingredients. We asked the experts to show us typical toothpaste ingredients that are used across different kinds of toothpaste.

Citric acid

PH- and taste balance

Sodium Benzoate

Keeps it fresh for longer

Potassium sorbate

Keeps the toothpaste fresh for longer

Cocamidopropyl betaine

Makes the toothpaste foam




Binds and gives a good consistency


Ads some fun!


For a good taste


Clean water


Cleaning agent, plaque and stain removal

Potassium citrate

Sensitivity relief


Caries protection

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