Is using toothpicks or dental floss a part of your daily routine? If not, make that change today! Cleaning between your teeth is a great way to get rid of food that may have gotten stuck throughout the day. Sometimes we do not even notice these little leftovers, so try to do this every day regardless of whether you feel that little seed from your sandwich between your teeth or not.

Toothpicks or Dental Floss?

Toothpicks and dental floss come in different shapes and sizes so that you can choose the one that fits you and your teeth. Although you can pick one or the other, you can also use both depending on the situation. The most important thing is making an effort every day with brushing and cleaning between your teeth. This will help ensure good dental hygiene with healthy teeth and gums.

Effective and Gentle Cleaning with Dental Floss

Using dental floss once a day is often enough for most people, but feel free to use it more if needed. A good tip to help you remember to floss is to floss every night before brushing your teeth. This will help get rid of any leftover food between your teeth. Which then makes cleaning them with a toothbrush afterwards easier.

There are many different types of dental floss, for example some are designed for especially small spaces, such as Easy Slide Floss. Others expand to ensure more effective cleaning for slightly larger spaces, such as Expand Floss.

If you struggle to reach all of your teeth using regular floss a flosser tool, such as the Easy Clean Flosser, may be right for you. They come with a long handle making it easy to move around in your mouth. Also, this convenient handle makes it easy to store alongside your toothbrush. This may help act as a visual reminder to floss.

When using dental floss in any shape or size remember to be gentle. To maintain clean and healthy teeth gently move the floss up and down between your teeth. Try to avoid any sawing motions from side to side.

A great alternative: Toothpicks

If you are already using dental floss, great, then you do not have to use toothpicks as well. Yet, they may still come in handy especially on the go. They are easy to carry around and can help you remove that stubborn piece of food that got stuck during dinner.

As with dental floss, there are several types of toothpicks to choose from. Our Dental Sticks come in a nice dispenser, making it ready for display on your dinner table. With natural flavour and no additives, it is suitable for all occasions. Another option is Clinic Thin Toothpicks, which contains fluoride and mint. These are recommended for those with narrow to normal spaces between their teeth.

Again, remember to be gentle especially if you have sensitive or receding gums. A good start is to use dental floss daily and use toothpicks as a helpful supplement when needed.

How to use wooden dental sticks:

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