Are you brushing too hard? Are your teeth sensitive and does your brush always look worn? Perhaps you should be taking a gentler approach to oral care routine? This may not even have been an issue you were previously aware of. The next time you brush your teeth remember that gentle cleaning is still effective and will lead to healthy teeth.

Why Should You Avoid Brushing Too Hard?

Some days you might get too overenthusiastic, resulting in you brushing too hard. Overly vigorous brushing can occur with electric toothbrushes and manual toothbrushes alike. Over time this may lead to damage of your gums, such as receding gums and worn enamel (1). The resulting tooth abrasion or loss of enamel should be looked at by a dental professional for proper treatment and care.

Do not worry, with gentle movements the routine of brushing your teeth will benefit and not harm your oral health (1).

How to Tell if You are Brushing Too Hard

  • The bristles of your toothbrush look worn and fan out long before 3 months of use
  • Your teeth have become more sensitive
  • Your gums look enflamed and are sore

If you notice these symptoms contact your dentist for further guidance on an appropriate brushing technique and treatment if needed.

Bend and Click Alert System

If you find it difficult to monitor the pressure you are applying perhaps a change in toothbrush is in order. The Clinic Gum Protector toothbrush is designed to help you apply the right amount of pressure whilst brushing. If you start brushing too vigorously the handle of the brush bends and clicks. This is your que to be more gentle. This bend and click system will help ensure that you brush your teeth with care resulting in a healthy smile. The brush also has ultra-thin tapered bristles for efficient and gentle cleaning. By reaching further between the teeth than standard bristles more thorough cleaning is achieved.


Addy, M., & Hunter, M. L. (2003). Can tooth brushing damage your health? Effects on oral and dental tissues. International dental journal, 53(S3), 177-186. Link to page.

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