Most kinds of kids toothpaste are made with reduced fluoride levels adapted to the child’s age, but it’s also important to use the correct amount. Small children can’t spit, and even bigger kids should not use too much toothpaste. Here’s a guide on toothpaste amount from the Norwegian Directorate of Health on how much toothpaste kids should use at what age:

Toothpaste amount for each age

0-12 months: A barely visible amount of toothpaste

1-2 years: The amount of the child’s little fingernail, or a grain of rice

3-5 years: The amount of a small pea

6 years and above: After 6 years the amount can be bigger

Jordans kids toothbrushes come with a blue toothpaste amount indicator, and the toothpaste is specifically adapted to the teeth’s development, from our toothpaste made especially to take care of milk teeth from 0-5 years, to toothpaste for a mix of milk teeth and permanent teeth from 6 years.

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