Have you ever wondered about how to dispose of oral care products? It is in fact easier than you may think, here is how to do it. Also, a here comes a friendly reminder that your toilet cannot be used as a wastebasket, along with some interesting facts about waste and bathrooms.

How to dispose of oral care products

Most oral care products are made of mixed materials. Thus, as a main rule, your oral care products should be disposed of as regular waste. Although oral care products made partially or fully from recycled material exist, such as the Jordan Green Clean range, most of these products are not yet recyclable. However, different local regulations may apply, so check with your nearest recycling centre for more information.

Have a wastebasket in your bathroom

Items such as flosser tools and dental floss have been found in sewage systems, after being thrown in the toilet (2). However, the only thing, that can be purchased in a store, that belongs in a toilet is toilet paper. Anything else should be disposed of as normal waste or possibly recycled (1). By throwing items in the toilet that do not belong there not only do you risk clogging your toilet and your pipes, but you also contribute to marine pollution (2). So, here is a helpful tip; keep a small wastebasket in your bathroom. This way you will not be tempted to throw stuff in the toilet for convenience sake. Use floss to keep your teeth clean and use a wastebasket to dispose of that floss to keep the environment clean. Your daily habits can impact the earth, every little effort helps.

Did you know?

  • The 19th of November has been named World Toilet Day by the UN. This day was created in order to help raise awareness of the lack of access to clean water and safely managed sanitation (3).
  • Investing in bathrooms and sanitation pays off and offers a return of 5.5 US Dollars per 1 UD Dollar spent.
  • Every year eight million tons of plastic are thrown into the ocean (4).

Your daily habits can impact the earth, every little effort helps.


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