Girl with braces flossing

When you have braces it can be a good idea to pay extra attention to your oral care routine. An important part of this routine is flossing. With the right tools learning how to floss when you have braces is easy.

Useful Oral Care Tools for Braces

Flossing when you have braces is not all that different. However, some new tools may help make the task easier for you. If you find it difficult to use regular floss now that you have braces, Brace Floss may be a good alternative for you. Brace Floss has stiffened ends to help you thread the floss between your teeth and under your braces. It is also extra soft for gentle yet thorough cleaning. These pre-cut strands can help you keep up your flossing routine even after you get braces. Additionally, some may find that a toothbrush with a smaller head is needed. The Clinic Interbrush is designed to help you clean difficult to reach places. Thus, it can be used to ensure that your braces are kept clean, by cleaning around and behind them. 

How to floss when you have braces

First, guide the stiffened end of the floss between your teeth, over your braces. Slide the floss gently between your teeth, avoid any sawing motions. Do the same from under your braces, ensuring all sides are cleaned. Then repeat between all of your teeth. Floss at least once every day, for example before you brush your teeth at night. This will help to keep your teeth healthy and clean whilst you have braces. 

Why flossing is important

Your teeth have 5 sides and in order to reach these five sides dental floss can be helpful. This will help prevent build-up of bacteria between your teeth. Also, it will help keep you gums healthy and clean. When you get braces flossing becomes even more important, but also more difficult. Food and bacteria now have more places to hide so a more thorough cleaning is needed.  Using floss will help you remove plaque that may form daily around your teeth. This can then help prevent cavities and even bad breath. As such, flossing is a good addition to your oral care routine, even after your braces are removed.


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