woman with white teeth flossing in mirrorHaving naturally white teeth has a lot to do with stain prevention. People can have medical or genetic reasons for not having super white teeth. Chemicals are found everywhere and are not bad as default, but we have gathered some natural teeth whitening tips and remedies to get your pearly whites as white as they can be without harsher whitening agents.

1. Avoid staining beverages

Beverages like coffee, red wine and strongly coloured drinks can stain your teeth. Avoiding these will avoid your teeth getting stained and discoloured.

2. Brush and clean your teeth regularly

Of course an oral care brand would say this, right? But taking care of your teeth twice daily can help avoid dental issues that make your teeth seem less white.

3. Teeth whitening foods

It is claimed that some fruits and vegetables actually can make your teeth whiter, or appear whiter. Strawberries, watermelon and pineapple are some of the fruits claimed to have whitening abilities because of their malic acid or proteolytic enzyme. Just remember that acidic fruits can damage your teeth over time, so remember to rinse with water and brush some time after eating acidic foods. Crunchy vegetables as raw carrots and celery can help clean the teeth to some degree when eating.

4. avoid tobacco-based products

Nicotine and tobacco can stain your teeth, and all nicotine or tobacco-based products used orally should be avoided if you want your teeth to be as white as naturally possible.

5. Whitening brushes

If you want whiter teeth, but don’t want to use chemicals, a whitening toothbrush could be of help. A lot of dental brands have options in this category, where some of the bristles have a slightly more abrasive quality to them. These bristles help better get rid of stains and acts as a natural teeth whitening technique.

6. Natural whitening toothpaste

There’s not currently a lot of toothpastes on the market that is both natural and has a whitening effect, but as the market for natural toothpaste increase, more whitening options might emerge. At Jordan, we have one option from our Green Clean line that is made from 98% natural ingredients, which has a clinically proven whitening effect. Your dentist or pharmacist might have good recommendations on local alternatives.


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