Be Creative with Oral Care Gifts

Are you sick and tired of racking your brain for gift ideas every time a new birthday or holiday comes along? Have you considered getting oral care gifts for your loved ones? Oral care products make great gifts all year round. They make great stocking or easter egg fillers, advent calendar gifts, birthday gifts and add-on gifts. Oral care products are also great for those ‘just beacuse’ gifts. Here are some suggestions tailored to different personalities and preferences to help you find the one that fits the recipient best.

For the Environmentally Conscious

For that someone who is trying to reduce their environmental impact why not give Jordan’s Green Clean Floss. Not only is the packaging entirely plastic-free, the floss itself is made from vegan-friendly materials. Gifting Green Clean products is also a gift to the environment.

For the One of a Kind Individual

Let your gift show that you know the receiver well with the Jordan Individual Reach, Clean or Sensitive toothbrushes. They come in several different designs, allowing you to pick the one that best suits individuals personality, needs and brushing style.

For the Minimalist

We all know that someone who wants as few products as possible for the maximum amount of uses. The 3-in-1 Flosser Box should be right up their alley, with three usage areas from only one product. The dental stick, flosser and tongue cleaner in one comes in a stylish box perfect for gift giving.

For the Instagrammer

For that person who wants nothing more than the perfect Instagram post the Green Clean Toothbrush is a perfect fit. This toothbrush was designed by the Danish designer Andreas Engesvik. He gave the toothbrush a modern and minimalistic appearance, true to Scandinavian design principles. This sleek and stylish toothbrush acts a finishing tooth for any bathroom photo.

For the Tech-Enthusiast

Some people are never more excited than when they get a new gadget.  For that someone a Jordan Clean Smile electric toothbrush is a great gift. With a long-lasting battery, pressure sensor and 2 different speed modes brushing is made easy. Why not take a different approach to technology gifts this year?

For the Little Ones

What kid doesn’t love opening a new fruity toothpaste? Place a tube of Jordan’s Kids Toothpaste or Junior Toothpaste into their stocking for fun and practical gift. Choose between the different playful characters, which will help put a smile on your child’s face. Also, after a day filled wth food and sweets a fresh new toothpaste is a great incentive to get the little ones to brush their teeth.

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