You may have seen the small swan icon on some of your favourite products, but what does it mean? The Nordic Swan Ecolabel or “Svanemerket” is an unbiased product label that can help you with your purchase decisions. With this Scandinavian ecolabel present on a product, you can be sure that the product’s environmental impact has been as small as possible. And we, at Jordan Oral Care, are very proud to have this ecolabel on a growing number of our products!

What does the label represent?

A product can only carry this ecolabel when all of the requirements are met, such as the ones down below:

  1. The product needs to meet environmental requirements throughout the product’s life cycle, since the Nordic Swan Ecolabel needs to ensure that a product is sustainably developed.
  2. The product can’t contain too much or certain chemicals that are bad for your health.

These and other requirements are becoming stricter over time, which is actually a good thing. It stimulates brands to become continuously more sustainable. Already more than 25.000 products possess the Nordic Swan Ecolabel, and this number is still growing!

History of the nordic swan Ecolabel

The Nordic Council of Ministers established the ecolabel in 1989. The Nordic Swan is a voluntary ecolabel, meaning that companies have to apply for it before they can get this ecolabel on their product. You can spot the ecolabel regularly on products from Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Iceland. Furthermore, the Nordic Swan Ecolabel helped establish the Global Ecolabelling Network (GEN) in 1994. GEN is a non-profit international network for “Type 1”, or independent, ecolabels.

Jordan Oral Care and the Nordic Swan Ecolabel

We are proud that a growing number of our products carry the official ecolabel of the Nordics! In terms of toothpaste, this means that there are no microplastics in the paste as well as no ingredients that could affect your hormones. There are, however, more of such and other requirements a product has to comply too before it can have this ecolabel. We are therefore excited that Jordan Oral Care has a wide variety of toothpastes that carry “Svanemerket”:

The products listed above include safe ingredients, help you to improve your oral health and are consciously developed. So, products that are not harmful to our planet and good for your teeth?! What is not to love?


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