Green Clean started as one toothbrush – our most environmentally friendly toothbrush. Therefore, it was designed with both you and the environment in mind so that you can take care of your teeth with a clear conscience. Not long after, we arrived with Green Clean Kids. The same sustainable toothbrush, adapted for children aged 5-10 years.

Did you know our Green Clean toothbrush was named the winner of the Best Recycled Plastic Product Award in 2019? EPRO is behind the award with the intention of recognizing innovative and sustainable products made from recycled plastic.

The New Green Clean Products

When we are launching more sustainable products in the Green Clean line, the principle is the same: There should be a focus on good functionality, modern design and sustainable materials. These are our new products:

Jordan Green Clean Toothpaste

With the environment in mind, we have carefully chosen natural ingredients that are easily biodegradable in nature, and therefore Green Clean Toothpaste contains ingredients with 98 percent natural origin.

Jordan Green Clean Flosser

Jordan Green Clean Flosser’s handle is made from 100 percent recycled that comes from food containers, such as yogurt cups. The packaging itself is made from recycled paper fibers from paper-based products, while the label is made from FSC-certified paper – which ensures that it comes from sustainably managed forests.

Jordan Green Clean Toothpicks

We have replaced the plastic container for our toothpicks and made packaging with more environmentally friendly materials. The packaging for the toothpicks is made from recycled paper fibers from paper-based products – that is, 100 percent plastic-free. The packaging is also FSC-certified, which ensures that the materials come from sustainably managed forests.

Jordan Green Clean Junior toothpaste

Finally, a Green Clean toothpaste for children! The junior toothpaste has a milder and more child-friendly taste and provides full cavity protection for permanent teeth. Like our adult toothpaste, it contains 98 percent natural and biodegradable ingredients. Green Clean Junior toothpaste is Nordic Ecolabelled, vegan, and developed with both children’s dental health and the planet in mind.

Jordan Green Clean traditional dental floss

A natural and sustainable choice for you who prefer traditional dental floss. Green Clean Dental Floss cleans efficiently and easily. The floss is made from vegan-friendly materials. The packaging box is made of recycled paper fibres from paper-based products and is 100% plastic-free. We’ve eliminated the plastic case, as the packaging itself becomes a floss dispenser. It takes up little space since the back plate can be removed.

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