Adult Toothbrushes

  • Soft, Medium
  • Replaceable head - saving 82% plastic waste
  • Made from 100% recycled plastic (excluding bristles)
  • Available with both 2 and 4 replacement heads
  • Refill packs available

Things don’t change, unless we change them! So why throw away the whole toothbrush, when it’s only the bristles that wear out? It took us 95 years, but finally we are ready for Change.
It looks and feels just like a regular toothbrush, but it is much better.

Tips & maintenance
– Listen for the “click” when attaching the brush head
– Change brush head every 3 months or when worn
– Rinse brush head and handle regularly
– Don’t brush without the handle, and please don’t eat the brush head (obviously)

Recycling information:



Recycle packaging as cardboard.

Replaceable head
Saves 82% plastic waste
100% recycled plastic

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Find tips and maintenance advice to ensure that you get the most from your Change toothbrush. It's time to Change!

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