A way to reduce plastic waste in toothbrushes is simply by making the toothbrush out of less plastic. But how can you reduce the plastic weight in a toothbrush, and still maintain the grip, sturdiness and feel of a great toothbrush?

As many designers have before, we looked to nature to try to make the world’s lightest toothbrush. More specifically; the hexagon pattern in beehives. IKEA is one of the brands that famously has used the honeycomb structure to make sturdy and lightweight furniture, the same as a lot of lightweight doors also use inside of their shell. But instead of hiding the hexagon away, we wanted to make it a design feature.

ultralite toothbrush in a stream

It turns out the hexagon design actually contributes to the good grip. Making the hexagon pattern open to easily rinse off toothpaste residue actually helped us make the brush easy to hold and operate. This makes it both lightweight and effective. Combined with the tilted bristles, we are ensuring dental health at the same time as making possibly the world’s lightest toothbrush. We named it: Ultralite.

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